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The Story of silent sounds

What to expect

If you haven't been, you might think, what is this all about? First things first, get your headphones on! We have 3 DJs playing live, and using your headphones, you can switch and pick which DJ to listen to at a slide of a button. 

Take your headphones off, and you will laugh your head off, listening to various partygoers singing along, all out of sync and tune. 

We play party anthems, so our atmosphere is electric, euphoric and a truly happy place to be. You really have to experience a silent disco to realise how much fun you can have on a night out! 

Our mission

We aim to put on the best silent disco experiences in London. Nothing beats a night out, singing your heart out, at our silent discos, and we want to combine that with unique and iconic locations across London. From rooftops to boats, museums and parks, we will be taking Silent Sounds all over London, with our headphones in tow!

If you are looking for something special to do in London, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, hen do, stag do or just want a unique night out with friends, our silent sisco in London is the best place to do it!

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